Hey! I'm Kat, a hobbyist photographer gone pro living in Dallas, TX. I first picked up my digital SLR camera back in high school as a way to squeeze an easy credit out of a senior art class. After graduating college with my degree in Psychology in 2015, I relocated to Austin,                                                                     TX.  Living in the art capital of the state was a far                                                                           different experience than living in the small town I grew                                                                up in. I quickly decided to expand to an even larger city                                                                space, and decided that Dallas was my next stop.                                                                          Soon after I grew my now family of 4 with my husband,                                                                  and was rendered art-less for nearly 2 years while I took a                                                              pause to focus on being the best mom I could be. After                                                                  that breath of air and renewed spirit, I decided to jump                                                                back into what has always been my reprieve from the                                                                    trials of life - photos! 


                                                             My concentrations have been and remain to be real                                                                      estate/interior design, portraiture, and nature (both 

                                                             landscape as well as macro images). My hope is to                                                                         provide the innovation, courage, and boldness that I   


think the current art scene is lacking. In the age of inter-connectivity and constant view into your peers' portfolios, more and more creatives defer to what is already or always being done. If we hope to revitalize art in all of its mediums, we must excavate the caverns of creativity that have yet to be unearthed; we must not be constrained by conventional practices, but rather driven by boundless expression.


Hope to chat with you soon!

- Kat